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The last 4 posts

Wednesday, October 7th 2020, 9:52pm

by mrfixit

I was going to suggest doing it again. Give it a go if you want.
I was also thinking that if the valves are open then you can't build enough pressure to blow out 10.
If the valves have flow controls, turn each one off then turn one on to blow it out that way air wont go down the wrong line.

Wednesday, October 7th 2020, 3:51pm

by leex1269

Zone 10 seems like it's in a higher elevation than zones 1. Also when I open up a zone, it takes me about a 10-15 seconds to get up from the basement to outside to let the air run, so I'm not sure if during those 15 seconds or so, does the water drain back down to other zones because the valves are open and their no air pressure yet.

Would it make sense to rerun all the zones with water again and this time start with zone 10 to see if there's any water? If there is, it could mean that it's draining down to the other zones. Does this make sense?

Wednesday, October 7th 2020, 3:21pm

by mrfixit

Hi, we don't winterize where I live. It's 92 degrees today. lol
But I'd imagine that you're good to go. Just the fact that air is coming out and no water makes the lines empty.
Maybe the seals are worn out on zone 10 so they can't pop up without water in the line.
The two zones without water most likely have a sprinkler in a low spot where all the water drains out after that zone has ran. There was no water in it to begin with.
Can one zone drain into another? At first my answer was no. But thinking about it, if the valves are open and the main water supply is off, I suppose they could.

Tuesday, October 6th 2020, 4:33pm

by leex1269

First winterization

Let me start by saying that I did read through most of the threads but still my questions is not quite answer yet.

Here we go.

I have 11 zones and they're typical 4-5 heads each. Last two years I watch the lawn companies guys come in with huge air compressor and blowout my lines, zone by zone. I figure I could save some money and also have an air compressor for use on the side as well.

30 gallon 7.7cfm @ 40psi.

When I ran zone 1 about 3 times, it watered up and then turn fine mist and then no mist. Great, same for 2 and 3 and so on, but some zones no water comes out, but the head pop up blowing air, I can see the head pop up even though there's nothing coming out. It's zone 10 that scares me, it doesn't pop up at all and no mist, no water, but I can hear the air at each head.

Does the zones drain the water into other zones once the other zones are empty? and/or does the higher(elevation) zones sink/flow(gravity) down into the lower zones because theres little or no water in those zones? When the commercial guys do it, I see water from every zone come out and they do it in the same order that I do. My gut says zone 10 should/might still have water, but I can't confirm and also, my zone 1 blew out a lot of water compare to the rest as well?

Obviously i have to let the compressor recharge to full tank between blowouts, but I keep the pressure at 70 and as soon as i plug in the air, it quickly drops down to 40 and I increase the pressure back to around 60. Pretty sure I didn't blow any up with higher than 60-65 psi.

What are you guys experience?