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Thursday, August 20th 2020, 4:37am

Author: dc2020

Issues with Hunter Sprinkler NODE400 - program cycles thru and never shuts off

Hi everyone: We're trying to configure the "Hunter Sprinkler NODE400 NODE 4-Station Irrigation Controller" to water the lawn in 4 sections, once every second day. I set it up as such: - Program A for all stations. B, C are off. - 1 station: on at 8:00AM, runtime 0:30 min - 2 station: on at 8:30AM, runtime 0:30 min - 3 station: on at 9:00AM, runtime 0:30 min - 4 station: on at 9:30AM, runtime 0:30 min But what happens, is that this schedule begins at 8:00AM and goes through all 4 stations as I ex...