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Sunday, August 11th 2002, 11:46am

Author: wilmar p.


i am installing my rainbidr sprinkler system and i tried the sprays and all that comes out fo the orance nozzles is a stream of water. are something rong with these nozzles?

Thursday, May 23rd 2002, 3:43pm

Author: wilmar p.

hunter falcon

hello, i was gonna install a hunterr falcon in my backyard. I was wondeering if it would work for my yard. thanks wilmar polinga

Thursday, April 18th 2002, 6:30pm

Author: wilmar p.

sprinkler not working

i jusst started my brotheer s sprinklre system and it has a head on the end of the line that isnt working. how do i fixx this and what it it.

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:28am

Author: wilmar p.

fertilizer device

waht are these devices and are they necesary to have? what do they do?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:26am

Author: wilmar p.


i am going to rent a trencher for 85 dollars at my local rental center. but for the same price, i can have my local irigation installer pull the pipe for me. what does this mean and should i trench it or have them pull it fo r me.?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:24am

Author: wilmar p.


when i install my vavles, i think i am going to have two valves in a 10" circular box. how do i wire these?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:22am

Author: wilmar p.

time to water

when i get my system in this spring, what time should i water. day, morning, nigt?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:17am

Author: wilmar p.

black pipe

does sprinklerware house sell the 3/4 - 1" black flexibel tubing that you use for the line after the valve?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:15am

Author: wilmar p.


does sprinklerware house sell any nelson sprinkler heads?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:14am

Author: wilmar p.

side strip

im new to sprinkler systems, so please don't mind all of my questions. i have a strip between my road and side walk that is 28' long. can i use a rotor a spray head?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:11am

Author: wilmar p.

valve boxes

can i put two valves in one 10" circular vavle box, or should i go to a rectangular one?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:09am

Author: wilmar p.

height of pvb

how high do i install a pvb? does it matter what size of pipe on how high to install it?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:07am

Author: wilmar p.

rain device

i am trying to find a rain sensor for my system that i am going to install this spring. anyone have suggestions to which one i should get?

Saturday, March 30th 2002, 10:05am

Author: wilmar p.

Rainbird controller setup

i am trying to decide which controller to get. i want one that is the easiest to program. can anyone help?