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Sunday, April 29th 2018, 11:38pm

Author: Mitchgo

part of zone 1 keep running, while running other zones

It sounds like zone 1 is actually 2 physical valves in the field that are wired together or one wire attached to both valves in different locations. Do you have 2 wires wired into the zone 1 port at the controller? ( 1 wire can be split in the field too!) It sounds like you have a stuck valve and the system has a Master Valve ( A Valve wired in series of the Main line plumbing) which is why half of the zone 1 only stays on during actual run time with the controller. In Ohm test can give you clar...

Sunday, April 29th 2018, 11:23pm

Author: Mitchgo

orbit anti-siphon valve on/off lever controls two different pipes!

It sounds like the valve you replaced and manually turning on for a open pipe is not actually zone 4. Since you don't see this run from the controller then more then likely this was a spare zone or abandoned zone in the past. Perhaps a failed wire in the field and someone else couldn't figure it out / abandoned it . Out of the valves you replaced, are there more valves in this area? Did you turn on the solenoid to other valves throughout the system? Be careful with turning the solenoid on orbits...

Friday, August 24th 2012, 11:09pm

Author: Mitchgo

wiring repair help

A tone probe, Multimeter is very much needed to fix this.. Extra items to help out is a remote and station master.

Monday, May 7th 2012, 1:01am

Author: Mitchgo

Why aren't people converting to Drip irrigation?

I use drip Netafim on hedge lines , small shrub bed applications, decks and pots. I would for small grass zones but I'm not the business owner of the company. I service many many drip applications though I know drip is a huge water conservation but it does have it's place. The larger the area the less chance I will use it. It has much higher maintence, and sometimes in the long run you are paying more to take care of it then saving money with less water.

Thursday, April 5th 2012, 10:45pm

Author: Mitchgo

Finding a leak... hole fills with water too fast to see..

Quoted from "Ash" Also, to anyone laying a sprinkler system. Don't run them ontop of one another! It's a pain if you ever have to maintenance it. You might never need to use it, but PVC isn't exactly very expensive for a nice backup plan in the future. Agreed.. When trenching, professionals should keep the pipe spacing within a trench of 1" and have no more then 3 pipes in a trench... As a repair aspect Backup plans only last for so long as the person who installed it will tend to forget what h...

Thursday, April 5th 2012, 10:38pm

Author: Mitchgo

leaking pressure vacuum breaker

What he said. Turn the 2nd handle off and then quickly turn the 1st handle on and see if it leaks continously.

Thursday, April 5th 2012, 10:34pm

Author: Mitchgo

backflow device for pool?

In my area- They are required. And the fact that pools use chemicals a Reduced Pressure Back Flow Assembly is required because this is the highest form of protection

Monday, April 2nd 2012, 12:13am

Author: Mitchgo

Rain bird anti siphon leaks water after valve turned off

replace the whole valve. Take the valve out and flush the line for 5-10 minutes

Monday, April 2nd 2012, 12:11am

Author: Mitchgo

hunter scr No power up

Plugging in the controller without the valves hooked up will do nothing to hurt it. Hunter SRC's in my opinion and experience have a high volume of display issues . Use your multimeter to make sure the plug has power and the gfi wasn't just flipped. Then use the multimeter and test at the two 24V posts. If you have power but no display then your display board has gone out. I highly doubt you will be able to fix that and it really isn't worth someone's time.... If you don't have power then your t...

Monday, March 26th 2012, 10:11pm

Author: Mitchgo

Modify existing system for new pool in yard

Again apples to apples and oranges to oranges. However, while a MP has a less Precip rate than rotors. Depending on the situation a couple mp's on a rotor zone doesn't hurt

Monday, March 26th 2012, 10:08pm

Author: Mitchgo

pump quandry!!!

Boots. Just have to say that was a very well put and helpful post There have been many time where you would just say- Your pump sucks, get a new pump .

Monday, March 26th 2012, 9:58pm

Author: Mitchgo

Which Valve for DIrty Water?

what the hell.. 3 out of your 6 valves are dieing and you installed it last year? I guess you get what you pay for Get a filter in your system... Get a flush zone in your system.. Get some dirty valve applications..get a quality controller and sprinkler heads...Stop being a cheapo. ... If you don't have the budget.. Then just wait until enough is saved to get to good items. You come on this site all the time asking for advice but never ever do what we suggest... I installed my system 6 years ago...

Friday, March 23rd 2012, 9:44pm

Author: Mitchgo

best sprinkler head for this application

That rain bird nozzle is a pretty even DU ( Distribution Uniformity) . It's actually designed to work just fine fully open and shoot 35'. However, that is in conjunction with a properly designed system with overlap ( Head to head coverage) .. If the design is off then yes there will be coverage issues.

Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 7:25pm

Author: Mitchgo

Just venting

Call in a locate (800) 272-1000 Yah.. Your lucky it wasn't the gas line.

Monday, March 19th 2012, 4:29pm

Author: Mitchgo

servicing my BVP

Meh... I think that's a lame answer. It's all preference.. Unions sure make things easier . Many pro's use them and many don't. I personally don't use unions on a install unless required by the water district. I more use them for repairs.

Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 5:49pm

Author: Mitchgo

6 zone system runs all zones with low pressure

Make sure the valve solenoids are turned to the right (clockwise) until they are taught ( not super tight)

Sunday, March 11th 2012, 11:46pm

Author: Mitchgo


Prior to this did you have you irrigation system turned on from the winter and already irrigating? Did you do a season start up and walk through of the system yourself? It's possible you already had some of these issues before the plantings. It sounds the more then likely they nicked a line- if it's rubber then it's probably a black poly line . ( which is not rubber) If the nicked line is uphill to the valve box 20 yards away- it's possible the water could follow the pipe back to the valve box ....

Sunday, March 11th 2012, 11:32pm

Author: Mitchgo

Kink in 1" PE

Rounding it back out with some channel locks usually does the trick. Depends on how bad the kink is. Repairing it would be the better choice

Tuesday, March 6th 2012, 9:23pm

Author: Mitchgo

6 zone system runs all zones with low pressure

With the controller unplugged and all zones still running with the water on this is most likely a physical condition and not an electrical condition ( for the moment) Did you ever turn on this system and run it before hand prior to the 6 weeks ago for the initial turn on? Any kind of recent digging and pipe repairs? It's possible there was a large amount of debris in the main line that has now fauled up all the valves . Take a valve apart and inspect for debris inside. Also make sure all your so...