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Sunday, November 10th 2019, 11:03pm

Author: Stingray

Update: System now works

Happy to report that the system is up and working! The short answer is the common wire in the valve box was not connected and thusly, the circuit was broken. What I neglected to mention in my prior posts was that the installer had hard wired the red rain sensor to the common wire (white) in the box, and the black sensor wire to one of the black wires in the box. I assume he did it this way to avoid having to run the sensor wires separately into the controller in my garage. I was not aware and mi...

Friday, November 8th 2019, 8:28am

Author: Stingray

Controller runs, display works normal,but no sprinkling

The peculiar thing is, when I disconnected the wired rain sensor, I immediately tested my system, several stations, and they all worked. But not now. I turned the system off for several days because we were getting rain. There are no unused wires. I have done nothing with the wiring other than disconnect and cap off the wired rain sensor. The rain sensor wires are black and red (not white) and look to be about 18 gauge. Yet I cannot see where the sensor wires enter my controller either. Dumb que...

Thursday, November 7th 2019, 9:05pm

Author: Stingray

Controller runs, display works normal,but no sprinkliong

I have an Irritrol Kwik Dial 6 contoller. It runs as normal, but no sprinkling takes place. Additionally, I recently removed the hard wired rain sensor because of a home generator install, but capped off the cut wire in a water proof cap. I did not reinstall the rain sensor. I moved the rain sensor switch in the controller to "bypass". Previously, I tested the system with the cut sensor wire and it worked. Now it does not. Additionally, I purchased a new controller today and wired it up. Same re...