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Saturday, April 26th 2008, 11:35pm

Irritrol 2400 Setup

I have a system with Irritrol 2400 valves. What position does that
little valve tab that says ON/OFF have to be rotated for automatic
operation? Dont laugh. Does the ON/OFF direction refer to manual or
automatic operation?

Should the "cap" above the tab part be rotated independently. The
small lawn company I have blew air threw the system last year to
winterize and left the valves out of normal position. The owner who
knew how to set up the sprinklers sold the company to the workers who
dont much about the valves, etc. I just want to get everything into
normal automatic operating position. Thanks.

(Also not sure if I am creating a new post or updating an old one!)



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Sunday, April 27th 2008, 6:34am

Slide the 'tab' to OFF, and the valve should be ready for normal automatic operation.

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