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Friday, October 2nd 2009, 1:34pm

You need the 10H nozzles from rainbird or Hunter. Space them every 10 ft.

good Luck.

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Monday, January 25th 2010, 1:00pm

RE: finding bad solenoid

chatters are best used on toro solenoids, sometimes work on hunter , depending on depth of valves

Good morning,

I have a section of sprinklers that do not come up. I've tried to find the solenoid but have not had any success. I was wondering if the PRO-48 - Armada Tech - Solednoid Activator / Chatterer would help me locate it.




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Monday, January 25th 2010, 1:04pm

Valve solenoid power

The power for valves are AC, there are dc valves ( remote battery operated) which are called dc latch
Im not certain where to post this question so ... here goes

I have an irritrol rd600 system in my house with 3 zones.

Zone 1 (front yard) stopped functioning but the other zones worked.. i used a multimeter to check the output of the controller / timer and I get the same output on each of the zones.. approximately 20 - 24vAC when the timer tells each zone to turn on (this is relative to the vc (common) terminal.

I checked at the valve and it was a little low so i changed wire connections and it improved ( zone comes on most of the time...

My question is - is the system SUPPOSE to be outputting AC or DC to the valves...

The valves chatter - this is likely because they are getting AC from the controller...

Im guessing the controller should be outputting DC?

Can anyone tell me what their system does on these terminals..

My email address is

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