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Wednesday, February 17th 2010, 9:21pm

main water shutoff/valve help

A few issues, but mainly, I tried to turn off my main water valve for the house - which worked for the house water but not the sprinkler side - can't find a shut off for that (City water). Shouldn't there be a line kill for that or a valve or something which can stop the water so I can replace the value? Do I call the "city" and have them cut the water so I can fix this? I have a elbow like fitting off the main water for the sprinkler but its an elbow like I have never seen before. Can someone tell me what this is called (all the way to the left in the photo)
sluft has attached the following file:


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Monday, February 22nd 2010, 8:32am

Why not splurge and supply a larger photo. Also, your location is important.

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