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Tuesday, May 21st 2013, 10:50am

Leaking Toro Valve 252

I have 5 acres in pasture and installed Toro 252 valves, 1.5" for the sprinkler lines. I have 55 psi through the system and about 12 Hunter PGP sprinklers on any given valve.

Valve 11 has presented an issue I have been unable to cure. It leaks to the sprinklers 24/7. And will run even if I crank the handle all the way down. Turning the water off to the valve does lessen the flow, but it does not stop it. I can turn the valve on and off electronically and manually. Removing solenoid power does not have any effect. I have purged and cleaned the valve five or six times now. I replaced the solenoid - no change to the leak. I replaced the diaphragm and seat - no change. I replaced the bleed valve - no change. I went through a re-tightened all the screws and replaced some screws that were a bit stripped at the head. No change. Finally, I replaced the entire top assembly - new everything. No change.

I am stuck. Any ideas on what is going on? I have a small swamp in my east field and I am not looking forward to my water bill. HELP!




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Tuesday, May 21st 2013, 11:04am

There may be a crack in the body of the valve, which is the one thing you haven't yet replaced. Install a new valve.

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