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Sunday, June 29th 2014, 7:39pm

I see the model valve in question is an inline valve that could easily be installed backwards. It looks that same forwards and backwards.
Look for an arrow on the valve showing the direction of the waters flow.

Yes you might have a clogged or pinched off pipe. is the pipe pvc or poly pipe or? One time I found a plastic bag inside the sprinkler line clogging it up. No clue how it got there. Was a fluke. I wont see that again.

There might be a broken pipe somewhere. Can you hear the valve come on when you open the bleeder screw? If so look for flooding.

You could hook a hose up to the last sprinkler on the line and see which sprinklers come on and which one's don't to help you figure where a clog might be.

Maybe debris got inside the valve during installation. I've seen glue from the install clog a port. Look for a grain of sand.

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