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Mama Bear

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Monday, June 30th 2014, 5:08pm

What type of sprinkler to use?

We had a minimum budget for a sprinkler system, when we moved in here in 2004, so I designed a simple system where the heads are above ground in some places, the plastic pipe is underground, and with a regular manifold and all. But I used gear drive heads, so as to cover the maximum area, without having the whole yard trenched for those small heads, which appears to cost the most.

The problem is, those gear drive types only seem to last a year or two, then they quit rotating.

So I'm thinking of replacing them with impact types. The problem is, they seem to spray all the way onto the house ( a wood frame ) even when not aimed at it. The impact head appears to shoot water all the way past where they're actually aimed.

Are there impact heads that don't do that? Or some kinds of shields that they can come with, that prevent it?

Central Irrigation

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Monday, June 30th 2014, 6:55pm

I would be looking for a better gear driven rotor if you're only getting a year or two. Even with dirty water, most professional grade rotors will last longer than that.

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