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Sunday, July 20th 2014, 1:36pm

RE: RE: RE: RE: Valve replacement

Well I got it off. But i had to turn it by the units sides to unscrew it. Reminds me of a sparkplug once it was out.

So questions. Do i replace this entire piece or should the screw come out and just the insides get replaced? Looks like somebody bent the shell inward so removing any interior sleeve will not be easy. Guessing this is not the first time its been replaced or at least removed.

Thanks again!

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Sunday, July 20th 2014, 2:31pm

Just replace the entire solenoid assembly. You may have to take two additional steps, that of removing the O-ring that you see where the old solenoid threaded in, and maybe removing the small plastic 'keeper' that is present in current-production solenoids. (You can find exact matches for the original solenoids, without a 'keeper' and with the same design that sits against the O-ring, but they are less common, and probably more expensive)

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