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Thursday, July 31st 2014, 10:48pm

Rainbird 3500 minimum distance - how??

Moved into home with Rainbird 3500's that are overspraying into house and sidewalk. Head to Head distance is 18'. I bought new nozzles and the .5 (I think) screwed most of the way down prevents overspray - BUT, it creates such a mist, that any winds blows it away.

I have about 50 psi. What is the right combo of nozzle and radius adjustment for 18ft??



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Friday, August 1st 2014, 6:58am

Consider turning down the flow control on the zone valve, if you happen to have one.

At your head-to-head spacing, you might be better off with MP-Rotator nozzles. A really old-school solution would be the Toro Stream Rotor series 300, but that is getting into advanced territory, as those heads only water fixed arcs set by a replaceable inner disc.




Friday, August 1st 2014, 9:21pm

Thanks - gave it a try with no real difference. WIll take a look at the MP's.

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