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Michigan matt



Saturday, August 2nd 2014, 6:46am

controler blows a fuse on zone 8

I have a rainbird esp-si and the controller will blow fuses at zone 8. I hav checkedall the volt readings and ohm readings. they all check out. I have disconnected the solenoid on station 8 and ran the controller and with zone 8 not attached the fuse still blows. At this point I think it must be the controller. Any suggestions?

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Saturday, August 2nd 2014, 7:40am

Disconnect the zone 8 wire from its terminal in the controller and then test again. If it blows the fuse with the wire disconnected at the controller then you know its the controller. If it only pops the fuse with the wire connected, then you're looking at a bad wire or selonoid.

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