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Sunday, September 14th 2014, 8:06pm

New valve won't close

I have a new DIY setup that uses a pump to pull water from a lake (no pressure tank). The mainline splits with one line running to a hose spigot. The second line runs to a Hunter ICV-151G valve. I tested the setup with the valve in the closed position and using the the hose spigot. When I started the pump water gushed from the Hunter valve for a moment and then it closed.
I used the hose spigot for a couple of hours, and then turned the pump off. The next morning I used the hose spigot again for a couple of hours and then shut it off and moved the hose to another part of the yard. When I turned the pump on again, the valve was open (I hadn't touched it) and wouldn't close. Even when I turned the solenoid from off to on a couple of times, it stayed open.
Do these valves require constant pressure to stay closed? Why wouldn't it close after the water came back on like it did the first time?
Any ideas?


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Monday, September 15th 2014, 9:23am

You can try adjusting the flow control on your problem valve, but the short answer is yes, you need upstream pressure to have the valves close reliably.


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Monday, September 15th 2014, 12:50pm

Thanks Wet_Boots. I will try the flow control and see if it helps.


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Friday, September 19th 2014, 6:04pm

Happy to report that adjusting the flow control did the trick. Also needed to be more patient. Didn't realize that the valve may take up to 10 seconds to fully close.
Thanks again!

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