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Monday, June 23rd 2014, 11:31am

sprinkler heads for 1/2" copper

I have a long, narrow strip of dirt that I would like to water. Dimensions of strip is 2" x 20" (with some large plants interspersed). I have 1/2" copper running the length and I would like some recommendations on sprinkler heads. I am going for longevity here, so metal is the preference. The heads do not need a long reach (since the large plants will block the throw of water), but I need control over the angle the water is cast - so maybe 10 to 20 degrees spray on each side, 180 degrees apart.

I also need a recommendation for a timer that works with 1/2" copper. Should I post that question on a different forum group?

Thanks, Mike


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Tuesday, June 24th 2014, 11:00am

You are decades too late to find any brass sprinkler heads that could handle a 2x20 foot strip. Today's solution would be for buried emitter line, exact details depending on the soil conditions.

There is one spray nozzle capable of covering a 2-foot-wide strip, and it's made by Toro, a 2 x 6 side-strip nozzle. It is so tiny in flow, that a special add-on filter screen is required to prevent clogging.

One small problem with your situation is that the flow of water is so small, that it would make for reliability problems in a zone valve that feeds only that section. You would be better off adding this section to another zone.


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Wednesday, August 9th 2023, 4:08am

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