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Tuesday, September 5th 2023, 3:43pm

Zone 4 continues to run

I have a Toro Greenkeeper 212 about 20 years old. I have 4 zones in the A program (no other programs). This year when getting the system running, I noticed a problem in zone 4. There are 10 sprinklers in zone 4. The bottom 5 come on and run in every zone. The top 5 run correctly when the program gets to zone 4. It cuts off correctly.

What is wrong with the bottom 5 that run with every zone? Is it a programming issue in the controller, or is it a faulty valve for the bottom 5 sprinklers?



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Tuesday, September 5th 2023, 10:11pm

I'd venture to guess that 5 sprinklers run on one valve and 5 sprinklers run on a totally different valve.
Do you have a master valve? It could be that there's a problem with one of the valves so it runs every time the master valve runs. Meaning the master valve runs with all zones. 1-2-3-4.
Seems as though you must have 5 valves, two must be wired together on zone 4. Unless you're mistaken.
How many zones/wires are hooked up to the controller? So slot 5 is empty?
I'm not going to say it's a bad module yet. Look at the wiring. 1 wire in slot #1, 1 wire in slot #2, 1 wire in slot #3, and 1 wire in slot #4? Or are there two wires in slot #4?
Perhaps the 5 sprinklers are wired to the master valve slot instead of the #5 slot.
I would find the valve first to see if there's a problem with it. You can turn on the master valve manually to see if the 5 sprinklers come on. You could turn on an unused slot at the controller, let's say #6. See if the 5 sprinklers come on.

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