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Sunday, September 17th 2023, 12:03am

Hunter Node-BT Question

First off: I'm an enthusiastic amateur. (I.e. If you must, please drop me in it gently.)

Hunter Node-BT field controllers have a Program A, B & C. Up until yesterday, I've never needed to know the ways in which they inter-acted or worked. (Yes, I've patiently pored over the manual.)

What I want to achieve is a different start time for the same valve on Mo/We/Fri to the other days - Sa/Su/Tu/Th. So I've set Program A for 1505 (3.05pm) start time on Mo/We/Fri; then Program B for a start time of 1330 (1.30pm) on Sa/Su/Tu/Th.

I could find no setting which would show what I should do / toggle / whatever, to ensure Program A & B will *both* be activated, as programmed, depending on the day of the week and times set.

Does the controller execute all programs within which it finds the holy trinity set for day, start time and run time?

Or is there something more I need to do to ensure that?



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Sunday, September 17th 2023, 12:03pm

I haven't had the pleasure of working with a bluetooth Node.
Normally a controller will run the programs that you've scheduled. It should run both A and B.
I know that you've scoured the manual. But here's a couple of links to keep you busy. lol
Upgrading Firmware

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