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Saturday, October 7th 2023, 4:52pm

Want to use my sprinkler system Halloween

People -I know nothing about my lawn sprinkler system, but I want to possibly use the sp4rinkler system to distribute fog to the spray head locations and hqve fog coming out of my yard. Any reason I cant-and can you tell me how?



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Saturday, October 7th 2023, 5:44pm

That's a super cool idea. Maybe attach it to one of the sprinkler heads to see what happens. I'm not sure how much pressure you'll need to make it come out the other heads. I don't know what kind of heads you're referring to. Spray heads? Shrub heads would work great. You could buy a 100 foot roll of 5/8" drip tubing. Then you could poke holes in it anywhere you wish.

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