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Friday, March 29th 2024, 6:45pm

Broken wire

Hi there,

I have a known broken wire that I may not be able to get to in order to repair. I'll leave out all the details to get to primary question. My valves are daisy chained together along the water line(s). I do not have multiple valves next to each other at this particular valve--there is one about 10' and another about 20' away from this central valve that has the bad wiring.

I am looking at using an "add-a-zone" device to bypass the faulty wiring to my valve. However, I need some confirmation if this will work. I watched the YouTube video to get an idea, but I have 3 white wires and a red coming into the solenoid, with an additional 2 whites continuing underneath to the next valve.

Any information would be appreciated.

Additionally, I'm curious if there is a wireless transmitter that will just talk from my controller to the single valve?




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Saturday, March 30th 2024, 10:40pm

If you can't run a new wire, then the add-a-zone should work. You could also wire two valve to run at the same time? If you have enough water pressure and flow to cover it.
I know they do have radio controlled valves. Well I ran across them 25 years ago. Beats me where to get them. Google is your friend. lol

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