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Sunday, May 28th 2017, 2:42pm

Rain Bird JTV-100 Bleed Screw stripped

I'm using a set of Rain Bird JTV-100 (I100JTV) valves in my system. One of the bleed screws is stripped to the point that it will not tighten in the valve. I have confirmed that it is not the valve, but the screw itself. Teflon tape has not helped. Are these sold anywhere? I can barely find the valves themselves, but these screws seem nonexistent. If I have to, I will just buy a new valve and steal the screw from it. If they are unavailable, would the screw for any other RB valves work?




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Sunday, May 28th 2017, 3:30pm

I've seen that particular bleeder screw strip a few times. You have to be careful to not over tighten it.
The solenoid also has a problem with the o-ring breaking if you turn the valve on that way, then it leaks.
So I try to use the bleeder screw on the Rainbird valves with that type of solenoid.
Any who. Here's a part number. They say out of stock but it gives you a starting point. Maybe go down to the local irrigation supply store with the part number.
210331 < click on that.

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