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Sunday, March 11th 2018, 3:48pm

Finding buried heads?

I know this may seem an odd question, but any tricks to finding buried heads/sprinklers?
I have been working on re-starting a 30 plus year old dormant system on my property the past 2 years. just as i think i may have a zone up and going, I discover a wet spot and low and behold I unearth a bubbler/sprinkler. there are a couple area's left that dont have coverage, and in my mind I cant imagaine there is not a sprinkler head to cover that area.
So my question; Any tricks to finding these? Ive measured and mapped on a grid and found 2, dumb luck found 1.
this is an 8 zone system, with between 6 and 13 heads per zone.



Sunday, March 18th 2018, 9:15am

Use an air compressor to pressurise the zone.


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Friday, March 23rd 2018, 8:59pm

not sure what good using air instead of water would do. I have all 8 zones working, just wonder how best to locate an unknown head/bubbler.


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Saturday, March 24th 2018, 8:26am

Air bubbles make more noise than leaking water, assuming anything at all is escaping from the missing sprinkler head.

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