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Friday, June 15th 2018, 10:21am

What on Earth is this horrible sound?

We moved into a house that already has a built in sprinkler system, timer etc... The landlord, sent someone over to get it all started up for us.

He got it working and showed us how to set up the timers. The problem is, when ever it kicks on and starts to water, and there is 5 zones 20 minutes each zone (100 mins total) It emits a loud howling sound the entire time it is on. Every time it changed zone, it sounds a bit different. In the 3rd zone it is to high pitched and screeching, we just cannot stand it.

We called the landlord and told her, and she said this was normal sounds. Really, it is so loud our neighbor can hear it. Not nice being woke up out of bed to this incessant screeching at 2:00 am until 3:30 am. I made a 1 minute video. If you could listen to this please and tell me if this is normal or not, and if not what the problem might be?

The house we live in is under a Home Owners Association, and when I told them I would water front and back by hand, they said no, it had to be done by the system for even greening. We can't sleep like this, the whole house is up every time it goes on, help please!! :)

Keep in mind this was recorded on the phone, then converted, it is way louder than this throughout the entire house.



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Friday, June 15th 2018, 1:02pm

LOL Sorry to laugh but that's not normal at all. Could be a pressure regulator is turned down too low. Could be a lot of things. You'll have to look around and locate the problem. Look where the water enters the house. Look where the water exits the house.
I'd just stop watering until it was fixed if I was you. The landlord has to fix that by law. If he doesn't then you can hire someone and take it off your rent. You'll have to look up the laws where you live. You might have to wait 30 days. Just don't water until then. I know you don't want to go that way because you just moved in and you don't need friction with the landlord but they lied to you. No way is that normal.
The problem shouldn't be hard to find. Look in the basement if you have one.




Wednesday, September 5th 2018, 4:41pm

System Noise

The noise could be from velocity exceeding the 5 feet per second rule. The system may have been designed or installed in a way that exceeds this limit. Often untrained installers will use pipe that is too small for the flow. If that is the case, one way to reduce the velocity is to reduce the flow rate. One way to test if this is the problem is to reduce the flow rate on the existing system. To do this, adjust the sprayhead down to the lowest setting or off if possible. Many sprayheads have adjustment screws in the center allowing you to turn off the flow. If it is a sprayhead station, your could change the sprinklers to Hunter PRS40 sprinkler bodies with MP Rotator Nozzles. Use the MP-1000 nozzles for 14 foot spacing or MP-2000 for 20 foot spacing. Because the flow rate of the MP Rotator nozzles are so much less than a traditional sprayhead, this will reduce the flow rate on the station substantially and hopefully reduce or eliminate your noise. Also make sure you are only running one station at a time.

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