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Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 12:53pm

Modular Issues

I am a new member here and my Rain Bird ESP-M controller stopped working. A few weeks ago we had a lightning strike in my back yard. I'm thinking this can be the cause of my problems, but my control panel is not blanked out. I have 10 operating zones. When I go to each zone it say "No mod 1", other zones will say "No Mod 2", and others say "No Mod 3". I have used the Reset button to no avail. I rebooted my system as described in here on a earlier post. Nothing works. Probably the lightning strike killed my modulars. Don't know. Am I going to have to purchase new modules, or is there anything else I can do ? :S May 28th.....Come on guys, my posts has over 60 views yet no replies ! Can't one of you help me out ? ?(

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Wednesday, September 26th 2018, 6:41pm

NO MOD message for controllers 5,6,7 on 7 zone RainBird ESP-Me system

Ours has worked great for 2 years. This year suddenly those controllers(5,6 &7) are not turning on. I tried the resets, unplugging system and rebooting etc...nothing worked...finally broke down and tried 800-724-6247 the Customer Support number on the back of my owners manual. Spoke to "Rocky" very nice and personable person. He said, "go out to your controller and we can fix this in 2 minutes!" ...I did...and it was immediately fixed.
1. open your controller box; open to the wire section behind the controller face. No need to unplug the unit. Look at your number 2 module, that has 3 wires connected to it(We are only using 7 stations) ...flip the black (unlock-lock) switch to unlock...carefully slip it downward to remove the module...look into the slot and blow out several times...3-4 times. (I did and a bit of dust and debris blew out), now slip it back into its slot and push upward until seated and flip black switch to "lock" again....
Now turn dial to RUN TIMES and scroll through your controllers and see if it still says "NO MOD". Mine did not and the system worked perfectly and my dying lawn is forever grateful.
(ps. I am a woman, and my husband had already checked the wires and grounds in the ground box(or whatever you call it) and found nothing he did not know what to do and would not call for help but he told me to when I could not find anything on line in forums that helped.)


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