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Monday, June 10th 2019, 11:27am

two zones went dead

Hi Everyone -

I bought my house a year ago and it's 30 years old. All of the sprinkler system is original. I have 28 zones (1 1/2 acres) and 2 of the zones in front of the house are not working. I can turn them in manually from the valve without any issues but they will not turn on from the timer (Rachio, I installed). Since I can turn them in manual from the valve does that mean it's a solenoid issue? or could it still be the valve?

I don't know what brand the solenoid/valve are. Are there universal solenoids?



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Tuesday, June 11th 2019, 3:39am

Are the valves receiving voltage from the timer? Can you hear the solenoid buzzing or feel it vibrating?
If it has power then replace the valve or repair it. I doubt it's the solenoid.
If now power then see if the wire's good by testing the ohms at the controller. An infinite reading means the wire's cut or disconnected.
Are you sure all the wires are hooked up to the controller?

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