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Wednesday, June 19th 2019, 3:19am

Rain Bird LNK automatic irrigation: How much time to program?


I am using a Rain Bird ESP-RZX controller with a LNK stick. Rain Bird offers online calculation of the seasonal adjust.

In the documentation, they say "set the watering time for the highest temperature to expect". For me, that means: I set the absolute maximum, and they will only reduce the time.

I water every four days, with 50 minutes per station. This amounts to about 1/2" of water every four days.

Today, with expected maximum of 86°F, I see they adjusted +40%, so my watering time went up from 50 minutes to 70 minutes per station.

I don't want to complain that they do positive adjustments. But I wonder which weather to use for the base value. Clearly, it's not the watering consumption on the hottest days.

What should I use?

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