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Sunday, June 23rd 2019, 7:22am

System acting irradically!

After turning on my sprinkler system and programming it, I noticed it hadn't gone on at the scheduled time. I ran a manual schedule with no problems. Later played around with the controller (which was kind of old) and after some really strange issues (eg manual/scheduled programming would sometimes work and sometimes not), I decided to install an Orbit Model 91896 . Did the programming and still the same issues. So sometimes the manual programming works, scheduled programming starts midway through the program, manual programming starts midway etc...

Please help ! :S :S :S



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Sunday, June 23rd 2019, 1:05pm

Either a solenoid's bad or there are loose connections in the wiring. Does the program always stop at the same zone? If so, change the solenoid on that zone.
Redo all the splices at the valves or wherever you can find one.

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