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Saturday, August 10th 2019, 7:39pm

How to drop the height of spray heads? (They stick up above ground level.)

Bought a home with an existing sprinkler system. I plan to replace all the heads and nozzles. A problem I have is that several of the heads sit anywhere from 0.25" to 2.5" or 3" above the ground. I think they are all some kind of 4" Toro pop-up head. I plan to replace with Rainbird 1800's.

My question is do I get shorter (2" or 3") heads, or do I try to get the port where the spray head attaches lower in the ground and still go with 4" heads? If the thing to do is lower the port underground, what is a good way to do that?

I live in SoCal. My grass is generally St. Augustine and I generally mow it to 2"-3".




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Sunday, August 11th 2019, 1:36am

Lowering heads is a lot harder than raising them.

You'll have to determine what's best for each head once you've dug it up.
Personally I like to just put a shorter nipple in there if possible. Otherwise you're looking to use a swing joint. I recommend that you go with the Hunter brand swing joint. The 6" swing joint is usually just fine. I can't stand the Rain Bird swing joints.

With the St. Augustines, you'll want the 4" pop up. That grass has a tendency to poof up. It'll get taller n taller. I had to raise 33 sprinklers a couple weeks ago because of St. Augustines. Took 4 hrs n 20 minutes. Pats self on back.

Dig a couple up and see what's down there before going to the store.


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Sunday, August 25th 2019, 3:00pm

Thanks for the advice! I hadn't heard of the swing joints before.

I have dug up a couple recently and they were some kind of old 4" Toro pop-ups (so the bodies were ~6" in total length). I'll get the swing joints for the ones that stick up too high and need to be lowered. Painful, but I'd rather do that than have these get hammered every time the mower wheels go over or not have it get high enough above the grass to spray clearly and far enough.

I appreciate the tip on the Hunter vs. Rain Bird spring joints. Looking at the difference in designs, it's surprising Rain Bird (or anyone) would design the spring joints so that you can't screw it onto the line easily. ?(

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