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Thursday, January 2nd 2020, 9:23am

Horse arena sprinkler design.

I am planning to add a sprinkler system to my wife’s horse arena. I am planning to have an 1100 gallon tank for storage. Using an AMT 7.5 hp pump (4803-95) which will pump to 4 zones. I want to use Toro TS90 rotors, I believe I can put one on each side or the arena and get adequate coverage. I was planning to run 2” pvc buried around the edge of the arena. The arena is 200x150. I was going to use toro p220 valves to regulate pressure to the rotors. The rise from the pump to the highest rotor is about 18”. Is it better to place the valves closer to the pump or can I get away with placing the valves closer to the rotors. If the valves are closer to the pump I have to run more pVC. If they are closer to the rotors I can run less pvc and just have to run more wire. Any input would be appreciated.

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