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Sunday, May 3rd 2020, 7:27am

Valves leaking until I get more pressure, can't because they are leaking...

System is about 12 years old. I have been having more and more trouble with leaking valves each year, at least that seems to be the issue. Started as trouble with blowout. I am using a small compressor and have trouble getting enough pressure to blow out the zones. Wasn't a problem when the system was new.
Usually run my system off a pump and starting to have trouble with it too. Seems to be an issue with limited pressure/flow. Once I can get the pressure up things work normally. But I suspect the valves aren't closing tightly with lower pressure and with some leaking I can't get the pressure up.
My guess is the diaphragms are getting old and stiff but I could be completely wrong. Hoping people with more knowledge/experience can give me some help. If that's the issue do I just replace them all? I haven't been able to pin point which ones are the issue and suspect there are several.

Maybe I am completely off base and need to be looking at something else but from what I have observed this seems to be the issue.

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