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Sunday, May 17th 2020, 9:17pm

Installing a 6 Manifold System - What Valve Box do I use and cutout question

Hi All,
Maybe a stupid question but I am installing 6 zones for my new sprinkler system and I purchased 2 preassembled three manifold systems from Orbit. You can connect these with their Double Union connector which I have also purchased. By doing this, I will have one 6 manifold system. My question is I would need a valve box that is a minimum of 24" in length but I don't see any online or in-store but there are plenty of smaller ones. In this case, do most people just but these side by side pseudo connect them? In addition, there are not cutouts for the PVC pipes coming out of the valve boxes I have seen, do people just take a saw and cut these out as they need them? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can provide!



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Sunday, May 17th 2020, 9:47pm

I'm going to give you my honest opinion. Don't use anything orbit on your valves or manifold.
I would install the Irritrol 2500 valves.
Also build the manifold by hand.
But it's your call.
Just buy two valve boxes and put them side by side. They do make giant boxes which would fit 6 valves but they're going to be expensive.
You can use your Orbit set up if you wish but that's a crappy valve you aren't going to find repair parts for easily.
With the 2500, they'll last for a very long time and are easy to rebuild.
If you build the manifold by hand, leave enough pipe between the manifold and the valve to cut a valve out if need be. Or, you can just unscrew it.
Look for an irrigation supply store. Ewing, John Deere Irrigation, Site One.

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