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Thursday, May 21st 2020, 1:33pm

zone1-5 on multistrand not working

Good afternoon and Thx for assistance!

I have Hunter XC, zones 1-5 are on multistrand and not working. Zone 6-7 separate wire, working fine. I AM having work done in backyard w shovels. Recommendations on best way to proceed...I am guessing it may be likely the multistrand was cut? Are these wires normally placed adjacent to fence at property line or bw concrete deck and garden that it is watering? Just trying to manage reasonably. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom on how best to approach



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Thursday, May 21st 2020, 10:42pm

The wires could be anywhere. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason as to how they were installed. A lot of times they'll be in the sprinkler line trench. Usually the mainline trench leading to the valves. But again, they could be anywhere. You need a wire tracer/valve locator. Make for an easier job. You can rent one or hire a guy. Look on Youtube on how to use it. Or, just good old fashioned investigative work. I've found them by pulling the wire out of the ground.
If all else fails, install a new bundle of wire.

Maybe use a multimeter to see how many wires are cut. Maybe it's only the common wire that came off or was cut. Is there an extra wire in the bundle to replace a broke common wire?

Did they turn the water off to the valves? Seen that done many times by workers who were getting wet on the job.

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