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Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 3:15pm

Hunter Pro-C controller master control signal weird behavior

I have a 5 zone systems with a master control valve. Recently three zones stopped working. Initially thought the problem was a bad solenoid or wiring. After looking into the problem for several days, I just realized that while the zone solenoid are working, for three zones, master valve is not.
Checking the output voltage at the controller, I found only for two zones, voltage is 29v. For other three zones, although each zone valve output voltage is 29v, the master valve output is close to 0. That means the controller does not give open valve signal 3 zones out of 5. Is this a bad controller issue? Thank you!



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Tuesday, June 23rd 2020, 11:59pm

People don't have master valves where I live. I've seen 3 in over 25 years.
But, it sounds like a controller issue. Have you tried doing a factory reset?
I don't see where a bad module would cause this but you never know. You'd need a spare to swap out to see.
But I suspect the faceplate. You can just replace it if that turns out to be the issue and it's complicated to swap out all of the wiring.
Or, swap out the whole controller. That way everything is new.
It's not the valves or wiring or solenoids, the problem's at the controller.

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