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Monday, August 10th 2020, 8:18am

Hunter Pop Up Shrub Head moves

I have a Hunter SRS pop up Shrub sprinkler 'shaft' about 12 inches long that is designed to stay in place and rotate a fixed flower area. The problem that it will not stay in place, it rotates to the right after one use and sprays on the grass and driveway. I have tried replacing the spray nozzle (180 - 3360 degrees) but it's the main shaft turning when it fills with water.

The shaft is black, around 1 foot long, surrounded by a spring; it has a white plastic cap that goes around the spray nozzle cylinder that fits inside this shaft.

I haven't been able to locate this part - SRS or Pro Series - any suggestions and assistance would be most welcome.



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Monday, August 10th 2020, 12:41pm

The SRS was Hunter's lower end sprinkler. They stopped making it years ago.

The ratcheting mechanism is worn out so the stem turns when it goes up and down. There's nothing you can do because they don't make the SRS anymore. Otherwise you could unscrew the innards, leaving the body in the ground and replacing them with new from another sprinkler.

Even the Pro-Sprays have a tendency to wear out like this. I don't install Hunter pop ups unless I have to.

You need to replace the whole sprinkler. It depends on how it's installed. If it's screwed in at the bottom, you might be able to unscrew it and put a Toro 12" pop up in there. Make sure the sprinkler DOESN'T have a side outlet. If it's attached on the side outlet then of course the new sprinkler will have to have a side outlet. Sometimes I can dig a little bit and pull the swing joint and sprinkler out of the hole. Attach the new sprinkler on the side outlet and slide the new sprinkler back into the hole. There's minimal digging that way. I've suggested using a Toro because of the width of the sprinkler. A new Rainbird 1800 will be too wide to slide into the hole. I'm not even 100% sure you'll get the Toro in there but it's much closer in size.

You might have to dig down to the bottom to unscrew it. If you do that, then get a Rainbird 1800 12" pop up.

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