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Thursday, August 20th 2020, 4:37am

Issues with Hunter Sprinkler NODE400 - program cycles thru and never shuts off

Hi everyone:

We're trying to configure the "Hunter Sprinkler NODE400 NODE 4-Station Irrigation Controller" to water the lawn in 4 sections, once every second day. I set it up as such:

- Program A for all stations. B, C are off.
- 1 station: on at 8:00AM, runtime 0:30 min
- 2 station: on at 8:30AM, runtime 0:30 min
- 3 station: on at 9:00AM, runtime 0:30 min
- 4 station: on at 9:30AM, runtime 0:30 min

But what happens, is that this schedule begins at 8:00AM and goes through all 4 stations as I expect ... but then starts repeating again. Basically station 1 start watering again at 10:00AM for 30 minutes, etc.

So we unplugged it, pulled the batteries out and then programmed it again for a quick test today:

- Program A for all stations. B, C are off.
- 1 station: on at 1:00PM, runtime 0:01 min
- 2 station: on at 1:01PM, runtime 0:01 min
- 3 station: on at 1:02PM, runtime 0:01 min
- 4 station: on at 1:03PM, runtime 0:01 min

and again, it went through all 4 zones and at 1:04PM, station 1 began watering again.

What do we need to do to make it shut off for that day after the last station?

PS. I'm pulling my hair out with this thing.


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Thursday, August 20th 2020, 8:02am

You should have “one” start time on prog. A , that being 8:00 am. The 4 zones will then run in sequence for the set time of each one. Then it will shut off and come on again on it’s next scheduled day

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