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Friday, September 4th 2020, 1:48pm

Zone design question.

Good afternoon,
I am trying to lay out a zone. It will feed three separate garden beds all on 1 GPH 1/2 PC drip line or individual 1 GPH emitters. From the valve to the most distal point is about 160 ft. I was wondering if I can run the 1/2 supply poly or should I step up to the 3/4 at least to the first bed. There is about a 15' drop over the length and each bed is about 350 to 700 sq ft. Want to have "cottage garden " look with a few 15 to 20 ft trees. USDA 9a, so moderate watering some times in the summer. And yes, I am on a well so my limiting factor after water [/size]availability (good for a well at 4 GPM I think) is making large zones so I can run them for several hours twice a week.

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