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Wednesday, October 14th 2020, 9:12am

distribution valve cycling and pump losing prime

I had a project done by a professional to replace sprinkler pump ( lake fed) and re-distribute sprinkler heads in a 3 zone system. the project included installing new input pipe, check valve and intake. I continue to have intermittent problems with prime loss and the distribution valve not cycling. The distribution valve is a new 6000 series 3 zone. The prime problem never requires more than one pint of water and there is no leak anywhere around the pump. The system has sat idle for as long as one month then been OK with prime but other days it may need prime after just one day. The distribution valve frequently will not move to the next zone. One of the concerns for both issues is that the installer put in two heads that are quite distant from the valve but are raised 2-3 feet above ground level to be above shrubs. One concern on both is possible siphon due to high sprinkler heads. Should I change the elevation of either/both the pump and valve to compensate for possible siphon issue

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