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Saturday, October 17th 2020, 1:01pm

Rain bird valve leaks and no water on the sprinklers

Hello Sprinkler Gurus !

I have 5 zones for my front yard. All five were working fine till recently. A few weeks ago, I noticed that water was not coming out of a group of sprinklers that were connected to one of the valves. Checking that particular valve manually, I see that the controller can turn it on/off (I have also tried turning it on manually), when turned off, there is no leaking, but when turned on, water starts leaking out (and the connected sprinklers do not turn on).

Here is my logical reasoning process

- If the pipe between valve and the first sprinkler was damaged, I should have not seen the leaking when it turns on, as the water can get out freely
- If the valve sealing had an issue, I should have seen a leak when it was turning on but I should have also seen the sprinklers working as well (the leak is definitely not equal to the water pressure I would expect out of a valve).

Ironically, this particular valve feeds water to the farthest zone of my front yard, and in case of a pipe breakage/blockage, it would take a good amount of effort to fix that.

I very much appreciate if you can tell me what are the other things that could go wrong and how I can troubleshoot.

Thanks very much in advance



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Saturday, October 17th 2020, 10:42pm

Repair or replace the valve then see if you still have a problem.

Could be a broke off sprinkler anywhere on that line.

Could be a break in the pipe, anywhere on the line.

What model valve is is?

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