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Monday, November 9th 2020, 1:09pm

Please look over my Raised Bed congiuration and advise.

Hey everybody!

Hoping for some really helpful help here! I've been researching DRIP for raised beds for months now and am finally getting up the courage to get everything set up. I have 5 raised beds that are 2 ft tall. 3 are 4x6's and the two in the back are 2x8's. I'm thinking I should take my 1/2" poly around the back of the back beds (between the beds and the fence) and use two 90 degree Ts to bring the water flow behind the front beds. I want on/off valves fro each bed. I also want to do something I havent seen done before and I'm wondering if it hasnt been done because its not a good idea? (lol) I want to use and elbow and a T to make two perpendicular header rows on top and create kind of a grid with my 1/4 poly.

I printed out the item list for a drip kit from drip depot and I've been studying the fuction and purpose for each piece included and going over my design again and again trying to see if it makes sense and compiling a shopping list. I think thats the biggest thing holding me back from getting started... I'm looking at Drip Depot kits and DIG kits for raised beds and realizing that if I dont know what every piece is for and what it does, then I wont be able to create the most efficient and functional setup.

Please advise. Thank you so much.
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Monday, November 9th 2020, 2:32pm

Excellent job on the raised beds. Looks great!

I installed one of those kits this last summer. Everything was there for what she needed. You'd have no problem figuring everything out. I don't like the kits though because you're limited to what you can do. According to your plan, you don't want the kit. Go to an irrigation supply store to buy what you need. 10 of this, 20 of that, 3 of this.

I'm wondering about your 1/4" tube in a grid pattern. Where do the emitters connect?

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