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Saturday, August 21st 2021, 8:31pm

Old manual control system and low flow/pressure

Good day folks, I have a system at a house that is fed from the main line into a 30+ year old pressure regulator, it's just for the sprinklers. Then into a Anti-Siphon valve and then a 10 foot run under the drive way to 8 heads.

At least a couple years ago I know for fact the heads all flowed vary well. But they were not used for a year-ish. I decided to start replacing heads that were not in good shape and all seemed well but recently I have seen a severe drop in flow/pressure.

I don't believe but can't rule out a broken pipe but I don't see any signs in the yard of that. BTW this is old galvanized 1/2" pipe.

So I am asking for your thoughts as I'm really only willing to go forward with the manual valve or pressure regulator, but appreciate your thoughts as the regulator of course is the largest expense.

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