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Tuesday, October 12th 2021, 11:59am

One Station Turns On After Another One Finishes...HELP!

I'm a self taught DIY kind of guy always trying to fix up the things around the yard and house but some things I'm still not as knowledgeable in. I've had this issue with my sprinkler system and cannot for the life of me figure out what is wrong and why it is doing this. I have an Irritrol Rain Dial RD-900 controller with 9 stations. Stations 1-3 are for my front and back lawn. Stations 4-6 and 8-9 are for shrubs and trees. Station 7 has nothing on it. The system was already set up like this on my property when I bought the house.

So my problem only occurs whenever I have stations running on their scheduled times on the controller. Whenever I turn on stations 1-3 manually it will not happen. Every time after stations 1-3 finish running on their scheduled times; 1 is first, and 3rd is last for my lawn. Station 9 will start running on its own. Station 9 is the closest to station 3 if that matters. I've looked at wiring and solenoid valves and all that and everything seems fine. I just can't figure out why station 9 would start running once the other stations for the lawn finish.

I'd appreciate any help cause I'm wasting water and overwatering my shrubs and plants on station 9 because of it. Thanks!



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Wednesday, October 13th 2021, 1:45am

Is station 4 also running when 9 comes on or is it just 9 alone?
What happens when you turn station 4 on manually with the controller?

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