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Saturday, April 16th 2022, 3:43pm

Hunter (I think) valve not fully closing?

My zone 2 valve may not be fulling closing, allowing a trickle of water to run. I had a smart-meter alert for a leak after switching on the system a few days ago. Last year I changed out the same head with a check-valve head so (I believe) its not a "gravity" issue given that the head is lower than other parts of that zone.

I switched off water to all the sprinkler system and the leak stopped so I believe that's a reasonable diagnosis of an issue. Here's a photo of one of my valves [img][/img]
Is it reasonable to think its a diaphragm if I believe the solenoid is properly switching on and off?
Can I replace either or both of the solenoid / diaphragm without digging up everything?


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Saturday, April 16th 2022, 5:09pm

I fixed your picture.
That valve is super easy to rebuild. It's also relatively inexpensive. I'd buy a whole new valve, swap out all the parts. See if that fixes it. Look at the seat to make sure there aren't any pits or cracks.
Maybe buy a valve with a flow control. Hunter PGV
I've seen that solenoid have problems also causing a leak.

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