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Sunday, May 8th 2022, 6:39pm

Valve(s) won't shut off

I have an older Toro/Lawn Genie system. I have 8 stations, 4 per box, all worked until I replaced a diaphragm in station #1. Now, valves stations 1,2 & 3 won't shut off - station 4 in that box, and the 4 stations in the other box work fine.

I did flush out #1, didn't help. Any suggestions?? :(



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Sunday, May 8th 2022, 9:16pm

Did you get a bunch of debris in the valve which migrated to the other valves?
I need a picture of the set up.
Try disconnecting the common wires from the controller. Or just unplug it but make sure the back up battery is fresh. Did they turn off?
Maybe turn the flow controls down a bit. Make sure the solenoids are snug. Make sure you didn't flip any lever that might be behind the solenoid.

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