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Tuesday, May 10th 2022, 5:25pm

Researched newbie looking for guidance

I already installed drip irrigation in my gardens, and will need to attach to an in ground irrigation system once I get that going. I am debating about PVC vs Blu Lock for in ground piping. I know Schedule 40 PVC from main line thru backflow, to the valves. I am interested in quality plus ease of install. Located in the Carolinas, so freezing isn't a huge concern. We are planning on tapping into the main line instead of getting a second meter (did the math for our local area). The meter is downhill from the majority of the yard and the backflow and valves will likely go uphill, 25% grade of a slope. Our area requires a DCA backflow preventor. Our main line is 3/4 inch and our flow rate is 5.35 gpm and PSI was 62. I calculated our zone gpm to be 11.84 GPM.

My cart currently contains the following. Feedback appreciated!
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