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Tuesday, May 24th 2022, 11:20am

EZ Flo fertigation ???

So I am installing an EZ Flo fertigation system. I am looking for advice if anyone has used NEXT products in their system. I was told that I could use them, but I am wondering if the low feed rate is ok vs. their heavier application rate that is suggested. I also am wondering if their product stain cement being it is diluted. I do plan on using FertiMaxx product, but also want to be able to use some of the NEXT products. Any advice on what to use and how would be greatly appreciated. I live in MN and have sandy soil that is compacted. My lawn is 50,000 sq ft with rain bird irrigation. My lawn is 8 years old which was started from seed. I have fescue, rye and Kentucky bluegrass.

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