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Friday, June 17th 2022, 8:47am

Double Back Pattern

I'm trying to find out if there is a particular sprinkler head or controller that will allow me customize a pattern. I have certain areas that I would like to get more water that other. Does a sprinkler head exist that would allow me to setup a double back pattern. Meaning it would run the the full spray arc then a partial arc, full, partial etc. To concentrate watering on a specific area while still running the full arc. Thank you.



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Friday, June 17th 2022, 6:09pm

I'm not aware of anything like that.
I've been known to add a second sprinkler right next to the existing one to cover an area better.
Last time I did it was next to a full circle PGP that was leaving a brown spot. No other sprinkler was covering the area. I could have doubled the time on the controller but I liked the two sprinkler idea better.

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