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Wednesday, June 13th 2012, 2:46pm

Pro C Controller Rain sensor issue

I hooked up a rain sensor as per the directions that came with it. It doesn't work. Can anyonme tell me if the controller is looking for a "normally closed", or a "normally open" sensor? The sensor that I installed is a "Normally closed" sensor. This is an existing system that has been operating for years with no sensor at all. I am trying to install an "Orbit" sensor. The cut sheet that came with the sensor says there is a third "normally" open wire but only 2 wires are present. The actual sensor is a "normally closed" switch. It opens when you manually press the spindle at the top of the sensor.


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Wednesday, June 13th 2012, 4:03pm

Make sure you followed the instructions on the Pro-C controller and removed the jumper that's installed on the terminal strip.




Saturday, June 18th 2022, 4:37pm


II have a Hunter Pro c.
I went through most of the forum not finding a clear response.
My controller indicates OFF SENSOR. Now I have placed the bypass wire to the sensor screws and disconnected the sensor wire it still indicates OFF SENSOR, I have pushed the button bypass on front of panel with the wire placed between the screws still indicated OFF SENSOR. I cannot run the full program manually because OFF SENSOR. I can only run manually sector per sector (I have 7 sectors). I tried to reset the controller completely still SENSOR OFF. Totally lost on that one.
Please help

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