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Saturday, June 18th 2022, 10:19pm

Can someone help me with finding my sprinkler system?

Guys i just bought a house that has an underground sprinkler system. Problem is i cant find it!! The control box is mounted on the wall but all wires are disconnected and been cut off and i cant find where it starts or ends. I tried looking for cut wires but no luck. I did find one sprinkler head and was wondering if i can use that to track others down? I know they make devices for this but all i ever see is hooking it up to wire from the main control box , which i cant do. So can i do the same thing with the sprinkler head i found? Thanks


Tuesday, July 19th 2022, 10:45pm

The first thing I would do is look for a hole in the wall where the wiring may have penetrated previously, and a backflow device on the outside of the home. If you find an old wire penetration, start digging around in the ground close to that area. Sometimes near the backflow device you may find the first valve box. If not I would hire a pro that has all of the wire locator tools in his truck.



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Wednesday, July 20th 2022, 12:36am

Yep, looking for where the wire exited the building is a good idea. Look for possible staples or nails where they possibly tacked the wire to the eves. Can you see an outline on a wall where the paint is a different color where the wire used to be?

You could hook a garden hose up to that sprinkler's riser. See what comes on. Get an idea in your head where the pipes go. Or use a shovel.<<< Is what you'll have to do. Maybe follow the pipe back to the valve/s. Then trace the wire from that valve back to near the controller.

If the pipes are galvanized, a wire tracer could possibly trace the metal pipes.

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