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Wednesday, July 20th 2022, 9:32am

Balancing rotors with different arc

The more I learn about sprinklers the more mistakes the installers made in my system. Mixed zones and unbalance rotors with different arcs. I do have a hard shape as a whole, but can be divided into workable areas. The issue is I have to deal with what I have.
For now I am focus on the front yard, zone 1, which is where my question comes in.
I tested my water last night, it had 55 psi and flowed 5 gpm. It was through 100' of 3/4" water hose since it was hard to get the bucket under the faucet. The 5 gpm should give some fluff since the main is 1" right off off the houses main line within a couple of feet of the meter.

Zone 1 has 9 Rainbird 5004 rotor and I am going to replace them with K-Rain 75i. I numbered them 1-9 starting at the upper left going right. So number 9 is the lower right at the end of the drive.
That makes 1, 3, 9, and 7 90 degree arcs. Then 2, 6, 8, and 4 180 degree arcs. That leaves 5 as a 360.
All the nozzles are 2.5 which as I understand is the factory, so they just installed them without thought to balancing them.
As I understand the 180 should be 1/4 and the 90 should be 1/4.
Looking at the performance data.
Currently 9 5004 2.5 nozzles at 50 psi would be about 2.6 ish gpm. 9 x 2.6 = 23.4 gpm. I not sure how to look at this since my test gpm was 5.
K-Rain at 50 (Nozzle/gpm) 1/1.6, 1.5/2, 2/2.4, 2.5/3, and 3/3.5.
So what nozzles for the 90's, 180's and the 360?
How can I get a value of 23.4 gpm vs 5 gpm? There something I am missing.

Not sure if the pictures will show up so I tried to put as much detail as I could. I hope we don't get lost in the forest for the trees. :-)



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