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Monday, July 25th 2022, 11:59am

Should I upgrade heads from old Orbit to Hunter?

Orbit sprinkler heads, 37 pop ups and 13 rotors. They are all 17 years old. Should I expect to replace them by now or are they supposed to last this long? Seems like 20 years is asking a lot from $3 piece of plastic?

The pop ups in the front yard have rainbird nozzles and I have replaced a lot of nozzles from mowing damage or root clogs. Some of the popups don't retract. I spray them with silicone but this seems to be a losing battle. The nozzles clog and break. I have to adjust the aiming angle often.

The rotors are in three zones in backyard and they all seem to "work" but the grass is drying out even though I run them for half hour everyday in the hot weather but the grass still dies. There's a 4 foot diameter circle of green grass around the middle lawn rotors and all dry farther out. Some of the rotors' adjustment screws are jammed. I don't have nozzles to adjust them. But they still squirt water and turn.

I saw a utoob video said Hunter is a good brand so I found sprinklerwarehouse sells Hunter.

My plan is to replace popups with PRS-40 with MP200090 nozzles. My popup spacing is mostly 15 feet with a few gaps bigger than that. With the max throw of MP200090 being 20 feet I'm hoping to reach some of the dryer areas that regular nozzles can't reach. I understand they will run longer than regular nozzles.
Replace the rotors with PGP Ultra, then use measuring cups to balance them in each zone and between zones. I think my rotors in the middle of the lawn need to spray a lot more volume than they are now.

It's gonna cost me about $700 and a bit of labor to replace all the heads so I just want to get some opinion from you guys if I am heading in the right direction by replacing the old with new Hunter. Or should I just clean out the old ones, get new nozzles and replace the broken rotors with new Orbits and be done for $100.


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